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Гиперссылка Global Ethics for Leadership: Values and Virtues for Life (2016)

The need for global values in a globalised world is combined with the need for contextual identity. New nationalisms, protectionisms and fundamentalisms are mixed with a globalised pluralistic relativism. Are global values threatened by particular values? Find answers within the 32 articles of this book. In each of the articles the authors, who are all in one way or another linked to Globethics.net, writing from one of four continents, focus and develop on a particular value or virtue in a specific geographic, cultural or religious context. Many of them also give an input to the understanding of the value-basis of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals SDGs and give orientation for "values-driven leadership", a key vision and mission of Globethics.net.

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Гиперссылка Responsible Leadership Handbook: For Staff and Boards (2014)

Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-018-0 - Globethics.net Praxis No. 1

Responsible leadership is a key factor for performance, success, credibility, reputation and sustainability of each leader and organisation. Responsible leadership in this book means the values-driven use of power in order to define and reach ethical goals for all human beings and the whole creation and to implement the defined values. This book is based on Christian values and can be easily adapted for other religious or nonreligious leadership trainings. Responsible leaders are people with values from different backgrounds. They contribute to global values. This handbook offers ethical and spiritual reflections and practical checklists, an ethics code of leadership and five modules for training of staff and board members. Rрусская онлайн версия (Russian version).

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Гиперссылка Responsible Leadership: Global and Contextual Ethical Perspectives (2007)

Editors: Christoph Stückelberger and Jesse Mugambi
ISBN 978-2-8254-1516-0 – Globethics.net Series No. 1
"Leadership models and values change in a fast changing globalized world. The responsible use of power is a key factor to good governance and a human life in dignity in all sectors of society."

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