Week 11 Assignment

Due Date: Sunday, midnight.

Points: 100

A start-up company called Medick has been developing an exciting new product for handheld computers that will revolutionize the way nurses keep track of their hospitalized patients. The device will save nurses a great deal of time doing routine paperwork, reduce their stress levels, and enable them to spend more time with their patients.

Medick’s sales force has led hospital administrators to believe the product will be available next week as originally scheduled. Unfortunately, the package still contains quite a few bugs. All of the known bugs appear to be minor, but some of the planned tests have not yet been performed.

 Because of the fierce competition in the medical software industry, it is critical that this company be the first to market. It appears a well-established company will release a similar product in a few weeks. If its product appears first, Medick will probably go out of business.

Develop the best course of action for Medick.



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